​​​​​Julia H. Haines

Thunder:  Perfect Mind


In 1945 along the banks for the Nile, bound in papyrus notebooks were found sealed in earthenware jars.   In one collection were the words to Thunder:  Perfect Mind.  In 1991, reading Elaine Pagels Gnostic Gospels, on page 17 of the introduction, I read a fragment of Thunder: Perfect Mind.  The words seized my attention in their acknowledgment of the paradox and  contradictions.

      The poetry and power of Thunder: Perfect Mind kept calling to me.  I meditated on the text in the morning  when I arose, and in the evening before I went to sleep. Over 7 years, as I played my harp, the words  became music that sang out of me.  When I knew the music by heart, I committed it to paper.   Thunder: Perfect Mind called to me, opening a doorway to womens’ spirit from over 2000 years ago,  and I celebrate it now in song.​

 Thunder: Perfect Mind  has been presented at:

The  Nag Hammadi Conference: 50th anniversary celebration​ Haverford College

 Union Theological Seminary

University of Pennsylvania

Bard College

Drexel University

Smith College

Temple University

Trinity Church NYC

The Rubin Museum of Art, NYC

Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY

Sage Center, Woodstock, NY

Miriam's Well, Saugerties, NY

SUNY, Ulster, NY

The Interfaith Center of New York, 

The American Harp Society