• Thunder Perfect Mind-Consecration/Calling the Core6:57
  • Thunder Perfect MInd-Paradox3:45
  • Thunder Perfect Mind- Invitation to Innocence2:35
  • Thunder Perfect Mind- Invitation to Listening3:35
  • Thunder Perfect Mind- Sacred Ambivalenc/Call to Conscience/Recognition/Surrender/Return/ Call to Action4:10

​​​​​Julia H. Haines

Composer's  Statement

In 1945, along the banks of the Nile, the words to   Thunder: Perfect Mind were found, bound in papyrus notebooks and sealed in earthenware jars. The words spoke to me of mystical experience. Body, mind and spirit are exquisitely expressed in all their contradictions, as true today as they were in ancient Egypt. The poetry and power of Thunder: Perfect Mind kept calling me. Over 7 years, as I played my harp, the words became music that sang through and out of me. When I knew the music by heart, I committed it to paper. I made the connection to spiritual teachings from 2000 years ago and now I  celebrate it in song.