​​​​​Julia H. Haines

" I love the work you do--the music, which expresses the heart of this tradition."
                                 Elaine Pagels, Princeton University, Author of The Gnostic Gospels

"A hermeneutically exciting interpretation of Thunder,"
                          Karen L. King,Winn Professor Ecclesiastical History, Harvard University

 "Julia Haines combines creative composition with keen spiritual sensitivity for  our day. Her musical  compositions flow from a deep place near the heart of the  universe through her own heart and out into  the world.....Julia Haines’ composition "Thunder Perfect Mind" ... loyal to its ancient world... to the contemporary intersection with the deepest of our traditions. Julia Haines’ performance is  technically superb and personally vibrant.”     
                                                                              Hal Taussig, Union Theological Seminary


 "We are carried over the edges by the music of her voice, her exquisite use of  the Celtic harp, and her  accompanying musicians, back to the voice of the  Thunder: Perfect Mind and returned through the  many centuries to our own  time where it is totally relevant. While the music itself is outstanding, it is  made  'particularly moving by the fact that the text provides us with the actual words of a woman (or women) two thousand years ago. Julia has merged with the spirit of that woman, and speaks not only with  that voice, but has brought it  into our century introducing us to our foresisters, and their own Goddess  spirituality. In finding the text from the past, she has recalled, remembered,  and with genius  created an  identification, a work of much beauty, and a true  inspiration."
                                                             Aspohodel P. Long, Goddessing Magazine​