​​​​​Julia H. Haines


​"...and Julia Haines on harp. Ah, Julia! I'm normally a 'nil by harp' man myself, but here we have a harper among harpers, one who swings like a shebeen door. It seems that she got a lot of her style from listening to a kora player, and it shows, dear Lord, it shows."                Living  Tradition

"..She was reaching out to African traditions, respecting the rules... her interpretation was as sincere and authentic as the authentic one.... Perhaps the common element between Suso and Haines is that both musicians were reaching out from where they were.  They seemed to meet somewhere between here and Africa"   ​                                                            Village Voice

​​​​"It's harp music like you've never heard it before, certainly not this side of the pearly  gates..... the results are songs of immense grace and power."                

Philadelphia Inquirer   


​"...Shimmering harp sounds...There is a reason why angels are depicted playing  harps, and Haines' performance gave testimony to what that reason might be."          

Woodstock Times

"Exceptionally beautiful ....Haines commands the celtic harp with  grace and power."                                                     Sound Choice Magazine             

​-"...peace and solemnity of the music and motion...she improvised a piano composition which sounded like it had existed forever."

Woodstock Times

"A stunning, evocative, radiant, musical work...Highly Recommended... Chosen as one of the top 24 albums "       Ladyslipper Catalogue